Jordan: Love the Game Commercial

Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony can’t stop hooping. Nothing can stop these ballers from the sport they love most. Players are jumping at the chance for any opportunity to deal with their “lockout blues”. Take the USFleet Tracking Basketball Invitational in OKC for example. There were so many big names in the building you would have thought it was NBA All-Star Weekend.

Paul and Carmelo were two of the mega athletes excited to get back on the court. They, along with D-Wade, have been seen playing in pick-up games left and right including the Bayou Women’s League, an Under 40 Jewish League, and Drum Tower Park in Beijing. Heck, they’re even dunking on senior citizens…in the latest Jordan commercial that is.

Sports Studio is no stranger to the game, so we brought our talents to the set. We hooked up the Heat star with a customized Wolves jersey for the new Jordan ad. Take a look at #3 sporting our #4 with the “65’s and over”:

We also provided the blue jerseys for the tough competition. Here’s a closer look:

Looks like these fellas are ready to get the ball rollin’. Although we thoroughly enjoy watching CP3 and Melo shoot hoops for fun, we are just as anxious as they are to see them get back in the arena.

So while we wait for a bargaining agreement to take place, we leave you with this. A small taste of what us fans are missing in the 2011-2012 season.