Kevin Love vs. Blake Griffin: The Jenga Showdown

For as long as there’s been basketball, there has always been talk of who would win a one on one matchup. But we never get it, Magic never played Bird in a one on one showcase, Russell never played Chamberlain, Cousy never played some other old guy, Jordan versus Kobe versus LeBron will never happen.

Basketball is five on five, period. That doesn’t stop the speculation, though. So in so in ’94 was way better than that guy in ’06. Who is the best ever will never be settled by a one on one match-up. There will never be a unanimous best ever.

And even if we got a one on one tournament showdown, it would only prove who the best one on one player is, not the best ever. Surely, the impossibility of coming to a correct answer will not stop the debate.

But that didn’t stop Jenga from employing NBA All Stars Kevin Love and Blake Griffin to battle out playing one on one in front of millions. The only thing is, they’re not playing basketball.

For the commercial, we worked with stylist Seth Chernoff to create a practice-like feel for the Jenga showdown.