Key and Peele Super Bowl Special | Sports Studio

A couple of weeks ago, Sports Studio had the pleasure of working with Comedy Central’s sketch comedy duo Key and Peele. Many know of their East/West College Bowl sketches, in which they exaggerate fake football players lengthy and sometimes unique names.

With the Big Game around the corner, Key and Peele aired a promo with two thumbs up from the NFL. So when their production needed NFL licensed apparel, they came to Sports Studio.

We worked closely with the team at Bigger Boat/Den of Thieves, along with Hollywood stylist Wendy Delouche, to outfit the 5 NFL teams featured in the clip.

With our inventory of licensed wardrobe, relationships at Nike, and our ability to custom build uniforms and helmets to NFL standards, we provided over forty head to toe uniforms that were 100% NFL authentic.

Beyond dressing the players for game day, we provided performance and off-field apparel for each team. Additionally, we supplied the NFL sideline apparel worn by coaches, referees, and the chain gang, as well as the Wilson Duke footballs

We sent two of our On-Set Sport Technicians to the two day shoot. And with so many athletes, we felt the appreciation for our presence. As a partner and liaison of the NFL, we ensured League precision and authenticity on camera. Our Sport-Techs outfitted athletes making sure every jersey was tucked, chin straps were tightened, and laces were tied.

We have nothing but positive things to say about working with Key, Peele, and their team. Notably, the first day of the shoot, in filming the period 1970’s segment, Keegan was deciding whether to wear gloves or finger tape  for those that don’t know, the tape is more signature of the time period. With our Sport Tech on the scene, we wrapped up two of his fingers, no problem. While it may seem like a minor detail, after 40+years in the business of scripted sports, we know details matter.