KFC Buckets | KFC

The famous fried chicken fast food chain is sticking to their trend of hiring comedians to play their iconic ambassador, Colonel Sanders. Last week, Rob Riggle debuted in KFC’s recent football campaign just in time for the beginning of the NFL season. Riggle is now the 4th Colonel since the original creator of KFC, Colonel Harland David Sanders passed away in 1980.

rob riggle in the new kfc campaign

This campaign plays off the idea that KFC created a new professional football team called the Kentucky Buckets. They are targeting the many football fans across the nation, while showcasing their new $20 fill up meal with extra crispy chicken.

We worked with Biscuit Filmworks to customize and make the one of a kind KFC Bucket helmets and socks. We also provided the red coach jacket, football jerseys, pants, shoulder pads, thigh pads, knee pads, cleats, and receiver gloves.

We provided the full football uniforms and customized helmets

Sports studio provided all of the jerseys, helmets, uniforms, and shoulder pads for kfc

We provided the full kfc football uniforms for this spot

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