Larry On The Field | Dr. Pepper

Do you know Larry Culpepper? We hadn’t heard of him until we watched these Dr. Pepper commercials produced by Caviar. So we did what any curious commercial watcher would do — we googled him.

According to Google, Larry Culpepper is a doctor in the Boston Medical Center; this ended up being an amusing coincidence. The Larry Culpepper we just witnessed on screen turns out to be actor James M. Connor, most famous for his roles in Watchmen and Blades of Glory.

While we didn’t work on Larry’s wardrobe, we did work closely with stylist Emily DeGroot to outfit the athletes. Sports Studio provided all of the football uniforms, from pants to jerseys to helmets. The particular jerseys used in these commercials had a mesh body, yoke upper, twill numbering and lettering, and full block font.

See close-ups of the jerseys below.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5