Last Minute Gift Ideas: Sports Studio Style

We know the Holiday Season is hyper busy and you may not have had time to check off everyone’s name on your gift list.

So here are some last minute gift ideas from your friends at Sports Studio:

A Period Baseball Uniform
Greeked Football Cleats
PomPoms in their favorite color
A 10 gallon Gatorade Cooler
A generic youth uniform that has been seen in hundreds of productions.
Band Hats
A Link to a blog post with a shirtless Clay Matthews.
80’s Cycling Shoes
Skate Warmers
Athletic Tape
Weightlifting Belts
The football pants One Direction wore for the Pepsi commercial.
Hockey shin guards
Lacrosse Elbow Pads
70’s Tennis Racquets
And a USC office chair, which may or may not belong to our wardrobe manager.

Sure, you’ll have to return these back to us at the end of your rental period. But for that week (2 week or production) rental, you’ll be the coolest Dad/brother/friend/sister/mom/cousin/grandpa/grandma/grandchild/neighbor/teacher/student/colleague/coworker/employee/boss/niece/nephew/uncle/aunt/Doctor/acquaintance/auditor/lawyer/banker/barista/customer there ever was. And it will be true.

Of course we’re joking. Though, in all seriousness, have a safe and happy holidays from all of us here at Sports Studio.

We’ll see you in 2013.