Let’s Go | Toyota

Sports are exciting, but there are some people who will go that extra mile when it comes to being a fan or even a player. They might even sacrifice their body odor on the way.

… Wait, that came out wrong.

What we mean to say is that some people will sacrifice their body odor, not through playing so hard that they sweat, but by wearing a smelly unwashed jersey to support their favorite team. Even if it’s dirty, that team won the last time you wore that same jersey and washing it would definitely wash out all the luck.

Sportsrobe provided football jerseys

People love sports and will do the little things like make sacrifices or believe in superstitions because that’s all a part of it. Maybe your whole team does the same pre-game routine like rubbing one teammate’s tummy for good luck. Or maybe you and your friends will grow beards to support your favorite team in playoffs. And if you’re a girl, you’ll just have to settle with wearing a fake beard.

Provided sports uniforms for Toyota commercial

Toyota’s “Let’s Go” commercial does a great job capturing these special sports moments that will make any athlete or fan smile.

Sportsrobe worked with production company Park Pictures and provided all the gear for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and cheer. We focus on the details and no matter what sport, we will make sure every player is properly equipped with everything from the right kind of socks to the stitching on their jersey.

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