LG Spectrum with ESPN’s Stuart Scott

You know the type: face always buried in their smart phone– on their way to work, coming home from work, at their kids soccer game, running into you at the grocery store, driving, ignoring the person talking to them and generally unaware of the world around them. And it’s not just a few people with their heads in their phones doing who knows what. It’s a lot of people. In 2011, 30 million people watched TV on their phones. Maybe you didn’t catch that– 30 million people, watching TV, on their phones. That doesn’t even include texting, talking or internet browsing. So with all the sports streaming on mobile devices, it makes sense that ESPN’s Stuart Scott is hosting LG’s commercials for their hottest phone, “The Spectrum.” Booyah! For this basketball scene, we created custom jerseys for both teams and provided the outlandishly athletic ref with his uniform from head to toe. We were all over the football scene as well, providing not only the practice gear for the football players, but also the cheer uniforms, including the outfit for the explosive cheerleader.