Liberty Mutual “Rise” Campaign for the 2014 Olympics

Production company Skunk and stylist Jonny Pray recently came to Sports Studio looking for period hockey uniforms to recreate the Miracle on Ice for a Liberty Mutual spot.

“Easy,” we told them. Especially since we had done all the period uniforms for Gavin O’Connor’s movie “Miracle in 2004.

So we remade these jerseys, which we had made 10 years ago to recreate the victory that took place in 1980.

You know who else recreated that moment? Ron Burgundy.

Watch here for a clip of Will Ferrel co-hosting the Dan Patrick Show as Ron Burgundy. When asked to read play by plays of some of the greatest sports moments of all time, he had some fun recreating history.

Sports Studio provided old school USA wardrobe and period hockey uniforms for this commercial. We hate to break it to you, but some new film was spliced into the stock footage for this spot.

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