Lions and Tigers* and Pirates, oh my.

Ahoy, Mateys! Disclaimer, Sports Studio does not condone the following behavior:

Commandeering ships




Walking the plank

Overconsumption of rum (well, maybe some of us are okay with this)

and Piracy.

You get the picture. We don’t like pirates, with the exception of the ones featured in this commercial, since they arrrgghhhn’t real.

Andrew McCutchen and a handful of pirate mascotsĀ disrupt an ESPN SportsCenter meeting to steal tasty treats right off the table. Including lox, all of the lox.

The mascots were provided by the following teams: Pittsburgh Pirates (of course), East Carolina, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Seton Hall. Although they were not rented fromĀ Sports Studio, we were able to provide the referee uniform on the nice gentleman sitting at the conference table.

We rent more sports uniforms and props than you can even imagine and product place some pretty awesome brands: Mitchell & Ness, Nike, Puma and Mogo, to name a few. Come check us out for your next sports, or non-sports related job. We like to make things happen for our customers and we’re confident we can help your next production in more ways than one.

*There are zero lions and tigers in this commercial. Aye! We’re sorry to disappoint ye landlubbers.