Lip Sync Battle | Nina Dobrev | Tim Tebow

For anyone that’s watched Spike TV’s new hit series Lip Sync Battle, we don’t need to tell you how unabashedly funny the show is. The masterful application of celebrity, props, and pop culture references produce a recipe for nonstop laughter.

So when Nina Dobrev makes her debut on Lip Sync Battle battling against Tim Tebow, what does she do?

She performs OMI’s hit “Cheerleader,” wearing a Florida Gators #15 football jersey.

Yeah, that jersey. She even brought Tebowing back from 2011.

Provided football uniform for Nina Dobrev

Tim Tebow responded with a colorful rendition of “Eye of the Tiger.” And by colorful, we mean his boxing shorts.

Provided boxing gear for Tim Tebow

Sportsrobe worked with stylist Erika Walker to provide all of the football, cheerleader, and boxing gear seen in both Nina Dobrev’s and Tim Tebow’s performances.

If you’re working on a production and need cheer outfits, full football uniforms, or patriotic boxing shorts, call (310) 303-4467 or email to get a quote on rentals today.