#LLOVEYOURAPP: Outfield | Bank of America

As one of the sponsors of the MLB, Bank of America had a large banner hung up right behind home plate during the World Series with “#LLOVEYOURAPP” printed on it. The hashtag was clearly shown to all the World Series television viewers. It even received some attention on twitter and a handful of people expressed confusion.

If you are also confused, watch this spot from their campaign below and it will all make sense.

Advertising Agency: Hill Holliday
Production Company: Hungry Man Productions
Wardrobe Stylist: Kris Zero

Bank of America is promoting their new mobile banking app and are introducing it with a llama. They have released over twenty 15 to 30 second spots featuring this likable animal. Click here to view their YouTube channel.

Bank of America’s new app allows their customers to easily deposit checks from home, manage finances, but most importantly, gives alerts when there is unusual activity on a person’s card. That is what the spot above highlights.

We worked with Hungry Man Productions and stylist Kris Zero to provide the full baseball uniforms, umpire uniforms, and youth baseball uniform used in “#LLOVEYOURAPP: Outfield”. This includes the players’ baseball jerseys, pants, hats, belts, stirrups, cleats, and batting gloves. We also provided pants, shirts, caps, and elastic belts for the umpires.

Sports studio provided the youth baseball uniform in this commercial

We provided the gold and white youth baseball uniform in this spot

Sports studio provided all of the baseball and umpire uniforms in this commercial

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