Location Scouting for Sports Scenes

If you are location scouting for a sports scene, movie, commercial, or photoshoot, then read these tips and questions below to help your scouting experience run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Bring a camera, along with extra memory cards and batteries. You can never be too prepared.
  2. Find a location that fits the script and the story. You will first need to choose the location based on the type of sport and if the production company is interested in an indoor or outdoor court, arena, stadium, etc. Find out what time period the scene will take place, so you know if you are looking for an old or modern facility. Lastly, ask for the production company’s budget to narrow the options.
  3. Scout at the right time to get a more accurate depiction of the location. The location will change by time and day. For example, there may be more visitors on a certain day of the week or traffic around a certain time that will cause more noise and disruption.
  4. Take note of the light. Is there natural or artificial light? Are there windows? From which direction is the sun is hitting the location? This information will be useful to the cinematographers.
  5. Check for power sources.
  6. Listen for any noises that stand out and may disrupt a scene.
  7. Is there enough space to set up all of the crew’s equipment and cameras?
  8. Evaluate the location. Where is the closest restaurants or stores? Does the location receive good phone service? Is the location close enough to the actors and production company? If not, is there any nearby hotels?
  9. Map out the parking areas. How far are they from set?
  10. Notice if there are any restrooms and dressing rooms for the crew and actors.
  11. Take lots of notes because you will be visiting many locations. Don’t forget to jot down any concerns you may from each of the locations.

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