Location Services

Sports Studio offers location services

Location Services

Using our database of sports facilities, we will find a location that matches your production’s budget and needs.

We are in contact with over 50 facility managers and can provide you with up to date photos, rental prices, additional fees, and rules for filming, and scouting at each property.

From Los Angeles to Orange County, we’ve scouted numerous locations that accommodate all types of sports, both indoor and outdoor.

Our Database 

Our database consists of arenas, stadiums, colleges, high schools, community parks, and recreation centers.

Whether you are working on a small or large production, we will find the best location for you.


Shoot films at sports arenas


Film at College Sports Facilities

High Schools

Shoot at High School sports facilities


Shoot sports scenes at parks

Recreation Centers 

film sports scenes at Recreation Centers



Looking for a place to shoot your next commercial or sports scene? Then call us at (310) 303 – 4467 or email us at info@sportsstudio.net.