Love Struck | Saturday Night Live

This past October, Ronda Rousey made the cover of Self magazine alongside the word “UNDEFEATED”. Just a few weeks later she lost that undefeated title as Bantamweight Champion to Holly Holm with a head-kick KO in the 2nd round that quickly went viral.

Last week she finally made her first media appearance since her loss by hosting Saturday Night Live. It gave her a chance to show her charismatic personality out of the MMA Arena. In her opening monologue, she joked about losing to Holm, but also congratulated her on a fair win.  

If the world viewed Rousey as a weaker fighter after her defeat, then her role as the tough new girl in the skit shatters that notion. Rousey shows the audience that she is still one of the toughest fighters out there when she knocks outs the bully, played by Vanessa Bayer, and punches the jock, played by Beck Bennett.

Red letterman jacket from Sports Studio.

Red letterman jacket from Sports Studio.

Sportsrobe worked with Saturday Night Live to provide the red letterman jacket worn by Beck Bennett. We’ve worked with Saturday Night Live multiple times in our 42 year history. Besides “Love Struck,” we’ve recently worked with SNL on skits like “Their Own League” and “NFL Playoff Game” as well.

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