Madden 25: Colin Kaepernick v. Russell Wilson

The Super Bowl is the only time that people don’t fast forward through the commercials. Those commercials get all the glory, the big money, the anticipation, the hype.

But for us at Sports Studio, commercials at the start of the season are just as important as those at the end.

And you certainly can’t start off an NFL season without a new Madden, or new Madden commercials for that matter.

After months of fulfilling countless NFL requests, it’s time to sit back and enjoy our work in between turnovers, quarter breaks, half times and time outs. And by sit back, we mean gear up for even more NFL commercials, like this one.

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the greatest football video game of all time, Sports Studio was able to provide licensed uniforms for Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick. In addition, we also sent shoulder pads, helmets and uniforms to make the set look like a real locker room.

Stay tuned for the dozens of commercials we worked on for the upcoming season.