Madonna- “Give Me All Your Luvin'” Football and Cheer Uniforms

In early December, Sports Studio got a call. It started out like most of our other ordinary calls, “Hello, do you have football uniforms?”

Our answer, “Of course.” Then things took a turn.
“Madonna wants 72 football players.”
Madonna? Like the Madonna? As it turned out, it was for the REAL Madonna.

Now, we don’t usually stock more than 50 uniforms of a specific color because normal NFL teams only have 53 players in uniform at a time.

“So you want two teams?” we asked.

“No, M wants one team, all the same,” said one of her stylists over the phone from New York.

Not only did Madonna want 72 players on one team, she wanted them with the exact same number, 36. This was definitely a Sports Studio first.

And it was set, we were going to be a part of Madonna’s comeback. The catch was, they needed everything in five days.

Long story short, we made it happen.

72 football players from shoulder pads to toes and everything in between, as well as 12 Cheerleaders with custom M’s and some red satin coaches jackets for Madonna to walk across, in 120 hours. Not too bad, if we do say so ourselves.

And our football players did everything but play football, holding umbrellas, blocking bullets, acting as human ladders, rolling out carpet, laying down jackets, tearing apart cars, catching Madonna, running through walls and last but not least turning into human sparklers (all of which can be seen below).

It was not until after the whole shoot that we found out that Madonna was scheduled to be the Super Bowl XLVI Half-Time show. Then it all made sense, kinda. Everything except for the number 36, which we still don’t understand.

So for jobs big and small, last minute and well-planned out, come to Sports Studio for your sports wardrobe needs.