“Marry Me” helps with Bret’s Cafe Lip-Dub Proposal

Bret was just a regular guy, planning his wedding proposal to his girlfriend Jovan.

Then, everything changed when NBC’s new sitcom entered the picture.

In promotion of the show’s airing this week, “Marry Me” sponsored Bret’s proposal. They flew out friends and family, planned an elaborate flash-mob, and created a viral video of the couple’s once in a lifetime experience.

As you can imagine, quite a bit of work went into this performance. Not only were the professional dancers, cameramen and production team prepping beforehand, but Sports Studio was too.

If you look closely, you’ll notice five football players dancing in the flash mob.

Working with stylist Kara Kaufman and NBC Fullscreen, Sports Studio equipped the players with head to toe football uniforms.¬†We also supplied the cheerleaders’ pom-poms.

Take a look here:

Sports Studio Cheer

Sports Studio Cheer

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Sports Studio Football Uniforms

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