Maryland Lottery- Medal Madness

We get weird requests all the time. Do you have stadium seats? Do you have one of those t-shirt launching cannon-things? Can you make a brown version of the Oregon Duck Costume in a day? No, no and no.

But when the request is sane, practical and most importantly do-able, Sports Studio can come through. And sometimes, even when the request isn’t sane or practical and makes us question our ability to manufacture such a wild inquiry, we still come through anyway.

So when we got a call for a custom American Flag, “fat-guy sized” (their words, not ours) full body swimsuit, we thought, what the heck, let’s do it. Sure we had never manufactured a full body, custom logo-ed, sublimated speed suit, but that didn’t stop us.

Our creative department designed the American flag swimsuit for sublimation and our factory pieced the whole thing together for the big man.

And, wouldn’t you know it, the swimsuit turned out to be awesome.

For all your bizarre sports requests, check in with Sports Studio first.