McDonald’s “Rivals” with LeBron James and Luol Deng

If you can remember back, all the way back to a simpler time, not too long ago. A time when LeBron James wasn’t a three time MVP and an NBA Champion. To be more specific, it was a time when the soon to be 2012 NBA Finals MVP tweeted this behind the scenes look at a McDonald’s Olympic Commercial

Fast forward to now: The commercial, featuring our custom warmups for both Luol Deng and James, who are both exceptionally large, finally came out just a few weeks before the start of the Summer Games in London.

We’re sure we will be seeing this one a couple hundred times during the course of the games. But in all seriousness, will Deng pay up with his Big Mac and Fries when James and Team USA have gold around their necks?

Here are some additional shots of our warmups on set-