McDonald’s Smart Money Commercial

A lime green Lamborghini? You’ve got our attention.

A half court in the entry way? Yes please.

A check for 25 mil just laying around? Casual.

The peacocks? Hmmm, we can live without ’em.

But those Sports Studio basketball jerseys seen in the TV room? They really tie it all together.

This McDonald’s spot has given us tons of great ideas for the design of our dream man cave. And bat cave.

We said “dream” didn’t we?

We worked with Station Films and Moroch to provide three generic basketball jerseys for this commercial, as seen in the TV room and on the elderly man exiting the party. Hey, when you’ve still got it… right?

We just hope that he wasn’t one of the guests sleeping on the floor.

If your production needs basketball jerseys, whether they’re generic, licensed, custom, or kid sized, drop us a line. We have over a million sports uniforms, garments, and props for traditional and non-traditional sports. From pulling uniforms to our on-set sports choreography, Sports Studio can help your team complete the pass. Feel free to stop by our warehouse and check out our inventory. Or you can can always give us a call at (310) 559-3999.

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