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Through the years, we’ve grown quite the soft spot for Kevin Costner. After all, he’s the face of many of our biggest films: Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, For the Love of the Game, Tin Cup, and recently the NFL’s feature film Draft Day.

Next month, he’ll also star in Disney’s McFarland, USA, a movie that journeys with the make-shift cross country team in California’s central valley.

Typical of most sports movies, Sports Studio played a major role in the production process. We worked with 5k Productions and Disney to provide all the cross country uniforms worn in the film, including the rivalry teams uniforms. We pulled sample jerseys from our inventory, then our art department used them as inspiration to draw up custom uniforms for each school’s team.

Sports Studio is also responsible for McFarland’s warm up uniforms, as well as the entire football scene. We can’t wait to see the movie hit theaters on the 20th of February. Until then, see some of our work in the official trailer and the photos below.

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