Microsoft Surface: Trusted by the Pros, Built for the Fans

The latest Microsoft Surface ad follows the Seattle Seahawks as they practice, study, and execute a single play. As we see in the commercial through brief glimpses, there’s a lot that goes on between gamedays—and the Microsoft tablet is there every step of the way.

Sports Studio worked with Creative Media Development Inc. to provide all of the officially licensed NFL sports wardrobe seen in this spot.

Put briefly, we worked with Nike to source the necessary Seahawks jerseys, including talent Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin and Earl Thomas. We then customized the jerseys in house, lettering and numbering them with our laser, tackle twill, and a little bit of elbow grease.

While we were at it, we numbered the licensed Seahawks practice jerseys. We also applied the official helmet decals to the Seahawks helmets we have in our inventory, making sure that each helmet and face mask perfectly mirrored the Seahawks’ offense.

In addition to our custom work, we supplied all of the Seahawks gloves, socks, cleats, and pants, as well as all the compression shirts, shoulder, knee, and thigh pads.

If you look carefully during the second half of the commercial, Seattle faces the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field. While they don’t get quite as much screen time, Sports Studio is responsible for the head to toe licensed Broncos uniforms as well. Minus the practice jerseys, we doubled everything we provided for the Seahawks in Broncos gear.

Last but not least, the official NFL referee uniforms you may notice on the sidelines—that was us too.

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Microsoft Surface: Trusted by the Pros , Built for the Fans

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where can I rent Seattle seahawks helmets

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Microsoft Surface: Trusted by the Pros , Built for the Fans

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