Moment of Proof | Victoza

Hall of famer Dominique Wilkins is most known for his time on the Atlanta Hawks. He has a 24.8 point career scoring average and has won 2 dunk contests. But not long after Wilkins retired from the NBA in 1999, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His father and grandfather died from type 2 diabetes, so Wilkins is determined to not let the same thing happen to him.

Since being diagnosed, Wilkins has teamed up with Victoza, a type of anti-diabetic prescription medication to treat type 2 diabetes. It is supposed to lower blood sugar and should be paired with a healthy diet and exercise.

We worked with stylist Tin Wornom and Bully Pictures to provide all of the basketball uniforms and gear in this spot. That includes the reversible tank jerseys, pro jerseys, shorts, t-shirts, long sleeves, warm up jackets, warm up pants, and basketball shoes. We also printed the numbers on the front and back of the pro jerseys.

We provided the basketball warm up tops, pants, t-shirts, and uniforms. We provided the basketball gear for this Victoza commercial We provided the pro uniforms for both teams in this Victoza spot

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