Motorcade | Bud Light

You may have seen Bud Light’s latest commercials promoting their new brand design since before the Super Bowl. Maybe you’ve been wondering why the company has made such a big deal about changing its design? It’s because Bud Light is one of the world’s best-selling beer brands.

They’ve revamped their image multiple times over the past years, but this year, they chose to completely eliminate all red from their design. Bud Light was introduced in 1981 with a red can and from then on, continued to include hints of red on its cans all the way to 2015. Bud Light officially broke that tradition.


According to Ad Age, changing the cans’ look doesn’t just involve the production process of the cans, but it “will require new graphics on beer truck facings, signage at bars and big stadiums, as well as glassware updates and more.”

That is why Bud Light’s most recent commercial featuring Michael Pena highlights the new packaging, the trucks, and of course, the new signage at Dodger Stadium.

Michael Pena in the latest Bud Light commercial

We worked with stylist Suna Kwak to provide the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball uniforms, umpire uniform, and catcher’s gear in this spot. The commercial was created by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy NY and directed by Aaron Stoller of Biscuit filmworks.

Sportsrobe provided the LA Dodgers catcher's uniform and gear for this spot

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