My Football Fantasy Commercial with Jim Harbaugh, Visa and the NFL

There’s no question, Jim Harbaugh is a top tier coach. He deserves respect, and undivided attention while on the field.

He’s got the experience, dedication and heart, to lead his team to the playoffs. Except, instead of leading an elite class of freak athletes, Coach Harbaugh is coaching a Pee-Wee team, who would rather be elsewhere.

Visa teamed up with the NFL and Sports Studio to turn a Jim Harbaugh football fantasy, into reality for this #MyFootballFantasy spot.

Sports Studio provided full football uniforms for the youth Pee-Wee players. Do you need football uniforms for your next production? Contact Us.

Visa is giving you a chance to live out your ultimate football experience through #MyFootballFantasy. Tell Visa what your football fantasy is, then use your Visa card for a Chance To Win.