NBC Rock Center with Brian Williams jerseys

A few weeks before Super Bowl XLVI, we got an order for baseball jerseys with some interesting names on the back.

Costas. Williams. Vieira. Koppel. Engel.

Were we making jerseys for a NBC News Softball game? No, as it would turn out, we weren’t.

Rock Center, Brian Williams’ newest show, was premiering and this was spot was illustrating his team of star reporters.

Shot in the locker room of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, this commercial focuses heavily on the jerseys that we created.

See the stitching, that was us. The, dare we say it, near perfect silkscreening that warranted a close-up in HD was all Sports Studio as well. And, although you can’t see it, we printed the Rock Center logo on the front of the jersey too.