NCAA Celebrate and Cheer Commercials Honoring Student-Athletes

It’s game day. It’s just you, your couch, and the TV broadcasting your favorite sport live from your alma mater. Within a few hours, your team looks like it will pull out the win. Ecstatic, you see the game end in a victory, then flip the TV off to move on with your day.

What you don’t see are the hours of training in preparation for this two-hour event. From the 5:00 AM alarms, to practices in the rain, to late nights in the library, these college athletes are preparing every day to succeed in their sport and in the classroom.

NCAA student-athletes are required to balance course-loads comparable to regular students with their training, yet we only seem to appreciate them for their performance during games. The hours of class and homework scheduled around daily three-hour practices go largely unnoticed. With weight training, meetings, and practices every day of the week, athletes don’t have time for much else. These two commercials highlight the grueling labor that NCAA student-athletes endure every day- not just the victories, but the failures too.

Sports Studio supports student-athletes nation wide. We were honored to work with the NCAA for these commercials. We supplied the soccer, track, football, and basketball uniforms you see in the two spots. We appreciate all that sports have to offer, on the field and off, and we love inspirational sports movies.

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