Necessary Roughness Season Finale-Guest Starring T.O.

Necessary Roughness might just be the hardest hitting show on cable. And Sports Studio has been supplying the bone-crushing action since the pilot filmed last summer.

The show, based in Atlanta, has worked with Sports Studio for wardrobe, casting and the dynamic sports choreography that has been highlighted during the well-received first season. The season is coming to a close this Wednesday 9/14, but the show is not going away quietly– oh, no– the USA Network is sending Necessary Roughness out with something to talk about. Or should we say, someone to talk about.

That’s right, the athlete turned reality TV star Terrell Owens will be guesting on the finale. For T.O., Necessary Roughness needed a customized Warriors jersey for the wide receiver, who oddly enough plays a cornerback in this week’s episode.

Here’s a sneak peak at the much anticpated season finale…