Nexium Baseball Commercial

Custom baseball uniforms start with an idea, a mascot, a team name or a concept. Then, if it’s going to be done right, this is when Sports Studio steps in.

Our creative department turns an idea into a custom athletic logo. Once the logo is workshopped, revised, it then is approved by production and legal. When all that is over and done, we turn the art into a fully-decorated uniform mock-up like we did for Trouble with the Curve. And we repeat the approval process.

Nexium opted to go with something a little more simple- the letter “V.”

From here, we turn our custom art into a set of authentic sports uniforms for the shoot. We couldn’t be more proud of how these uniforms turned out for this Nexium commercial, going from idea to full sets of uniforms on a production deadline.

For your next production, trust Sports Studio to create, design and manufacture custom uniforms. And trust us to get it done right.