Blog Fantasy Combine Series

Along with insane athletic ability, it takes a lifetime of training, dedication, passion, and then some to become a professional athlete.  Yet as these NFL fantasy combine ads jokingly display, anyone with internet can play fantasy football.

Much like NFL combine training, the fictional NFL fantasy combine tests fantasy football players’ skills in different areas of the game. In contrast with the accomplishments of the featured NFL players,  these ads demonstrate the trials and tribulations that go hand-in-hand with fandom, such as BBQ-rib-induced greasy fingers.

Sports Studio worked with directly with the NFL and production company Moxie Pictures to supply the game day NFL jerseys seen on talent LeSean McCoy, Demaryius Thomas, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Jamaal Charles in the series.  We also provided each players’ licensed undershirts, shorts, gloves, cleats, and socks. As the official provider of on-field NFL uniforms, this is our forte.

Watch the series of ads along with all of outtakes on here. 

LeSean McCoy Sprinkler

LeSean McCoy and Cordarrelle Patterson Outtakes

Demaryius Thomas has better hands

Demaryius Thomas Fantasy Commercials

Jamaal Charles Zip Code Commercial