NFL Fantasy Football – Carry the Team to Victory


The survival of the human race is dependent on but a few things.
Food, Water, Air, and, of course, Fantasy Football.

If you’re asking yourself “what is fantasy football?” then you sir or madam, are in the wrong place.

If you’re wondering who to draft in Fantasy Football this year, NFL.COM’s most recent commercial, will tell you which players will carry you to victory.

Maybe you already know who to draft, but you’re just looking for that perfect Fantasy Football team name?
Well take a timeout, hit the sideline and start thinking. The fantasy draft is rapidly approaching.

For this spot Sports Studio provided full uniforms for The Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan, and Julio Jones, The Cleveland Browns’ Trent Richardson, and The Denver Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas– all studs who will put the team, and you, on their back on the quest to victory.