Nike #BasketballNeverStops

You want proof that basketball never stops? How about the support of well over half a million fans in FOUR days. The response to the new Nike ad shows that the lockout isn’t bringing down the sport that fans love. And it’s definitely not stopping the NBA guys from playing the game.

First it was D-Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony in the Jordan commercial, and now it’s Dirk, Durant, and Lebron with Nike. I sense a reoccurring theme here; it’s all about the love of the game.

Without the NBA infrastructure in tact, the famous athletic brand had to get creative with their commercials. Nike debuted a 90 second clip titled #BasketballNeverStops on their YouTube channel a few days ago that’s already received almost 700,000 views. That’s almost 40 times the maximum capacity of a professional sports arena.

The lockout hasn’t stopped the ballers from ballin’ and hasn’t stopped the callers from callin’. Sports Studio is still receiving requests for basketball inspired content despite the non existent NBA season. So when Nike reached out us for help with wardrobing for their latest spot we jumped right in.

Thanks to the combo of cool music and flashing lights, our work really came to life. Here’s a close up of our custom designed Carver jerseys we created for the girls in the huddle.

We’ve attached the full commercial for your viewing pleasure. It’s not every day that we get to see these famous 6 footers playing in a more down-to-earth setting. Although most of us would prefer sitting in a fan frenzy arena, with a beer in hand, cheering on our favorite team, this sure helps pass the time. Join us in celebrating all athletes and their passion for the game.