Nike v. Reebok: Tebowmania

The last week of March usually isn’t a big week for the NFL. Maybe a few Pro-days here and there, but with the draft still a month away, nothing too crazy usually happens. We would like to emphasize our use of the qualifier, “usually” in the previous sentence.

As in “usually” a player with a cult following isn’t traded to one of the biggest cities on Earth. But last week was anything other than usual as Tim Tebow landed in New York as a Jet. And even if that happened, it usually wouldn’t happen in the one month period of licensing limbo when the NFL switched from Reebok to Nike.

Well, it was a bit unusual to say the least.

To quickly recap, Reebok manufactured and released new Tebow jerseys and merchandise late last week. Nike asked Reebok to halt production and recall their Tebow merchandise. Reebok did not respond. So Nike hit Reebok with a restraining order regarding the Tebow gear on the grounds that while Reebok still has the licensing with the NFL until April 1st, the players’ names and likenesses were transferred to Nike this past March 1st, leaving Reebok in violation of the contract.

The Judge agreed with Nike, ordering Reebok to stop Tebow sales. You can read the full story and the rest of the verdict HERE.