#NoBadStuff | Chobani

Recently, Chobani began to release a few videos that are a part of their 2016 olympic ad campaign with Team USA. This campaign features a handful of olympic athletes telling their stories and participating in healthy activities like cooking shows or workout routines. There will be over 40 videos all encompassing the slogan, “You can only be great if you’re full of goodness”.

Their campaign promotes Chobani products, but it also goes beyond encouraging healthy eating and cutting back on sugar intake. These ads delve into each athlete’s story and explain that #NoBadStuff also means not letting negativity affect oneself because that will only get in the way of being the greatest athlete you can be.

Chobani chose to include Alex Morgan, Ashton Eaton, Marlen Esparza, and Melissa Stockwell in this campaign. Here is the #NoBadStuff Anthem.

These ads were created by creative agency Opperman Weiss and directed by Laurence Dunmore of SUPERPRIME Films. Sports Studio worked with SUPERPRIME to provide Alex Morgan’s soccer jersey, shorts, youth uniform, socks, shin guards, and cleats. We also lettered and numbered the jerseys in Morgan’s segment.

Check out our work in the stills below.

We provided Alex Morgan's uniform

We provided the uniforms in this Chobani spot

We provided the youth jersey and adult uniform for this spot

We lettered and numbered Alex Morgan's youth soccer jersey.

We provided the soccer uniforms in this Chobani ad

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