Noches Éne Bé A – Follow El Movement | NBA

The NBA developed the “Noches Éne-Bé-A” campaign as a way to promote the NBA’s diversity in fan viewership. Taking over specific cities throughout March, the NBA decorated game day jerseys with the Spanish version of the team name, to show solidity in their diverse demographics.

The Marketing Arm worked together with The NBA to produce this promotional video for the “Noches Éne-Bé-A” campaign. Being the trusted entertainment licensed provider for the NBA, we were glad to help out as well. For this particular spot, we supplied the El Heat jersey seen at the beginning of the video, and the Nueva York Knicks jersey seen later in the video.

Check out our gear in some of the stills below.

El Heat | NBA

El Miami Heat Jersey | NBA

Los LA Lakers Jersey | NBA

Nueva York Knicks Jersey | NBA