Not So Pee Wee Football | Buick

Buick just released their 2017 Super Bowl commercial featuring Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and supermodel Miranda Kerr. The game is still a few days away, but Buick is taking advantage of social media to create buzz about their ad as well as the two cars they are promoting. The two cars are the Buick Cascada and Buick Encore.

Check it out below:

This 60 second ad will play during the first quarter of Sunday’s game.

The ad circulates around a pee wee football game and encompasses the brand’s recent advertising theme, “That’s a Buick?”. Buick cars tend to be popular with an older demographic, so the brand wants to attract younger customers. These ads show people expressing disbelief that they are actually seeing a Buick.

Sports Studio worked with Tool of North America to provide the “Sharks” and “Rhinos” football team decals, youth football shoulder pads, youth football helmets, adult football helmets, chain gang vests, and referee gear. The referee gear includes the hat, jersey, pants, elastic belt, socks, and shoes.

We worked on the jerseys, helmets, and referee gear for this spot.

We provided youth football pads and football helmets for this spot

We provided all the referee gear in this Buick commercial

We provided the football decals, football helmets, and referee uniform in this spot

We worked with Tool of NA to provide gear for this commercial featuring Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr

We provided all the football referee uniforms in this spot

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