Old Milwaukee Commercial with Jose Canseco

If you live in Kansas City and watched every minute of this year’s Home Run Derby including the commercials, then you have probably seen this. Otherwise, you haven’t.

Here’s why: The series of humorous commercials only ran in select markets over the course of a few short hours. With the rather odd choice of the ever-eccentric and controversial Jose Canseco, the internet blew up searching for the spots. Yet, even several weeks later, they have only been made available via people video recording the commercial as it plays on TV and uploading the content to Youtube. This is the only HD version we could find and it’s one of three.

Old Milwaukee “Home Run Derby” from Gifted Youth on Vimeo.

If you think it’s weird that you can’t find the commercials anywhere, well, it’s intentional. The spot, produced by Gifted Youth (Funny or Die’s commercial division), comes from the same lineage as the Old Milwaukee spots featuring Will Ferrell, which ran in only select cities during the Super Bowl. It’s an interesting way to generate buzz and it has paid dividends.

For the slow motion shot, we created a custom uniform head to toe for 1/2 of the Oakland’s Bash Brothers. Once we found out that the slugger would be smashing full beer cans with a bat, we actually had to make a few extras just in case. And as bizarre as that may seem to you, we have grown accustomed to our customer’s strange and sometimes unusual wardrobe requests. The reasons for their requests, however, we still and probably always will find amusing.