Old Spice Unnecessary Freshness Featuring Wes Welker

777 total career receptions.

8,647 receiving yards.

40 receiving touchdowns.

And he doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon.

Wes Welker has had a remarkable career in the NFL as a slot receiver.

But, when he is feeling down the only thing that can lift his spirit is the remarkable scent of Old Spice.

It doesn’t matter if he is stuck in a snow globe, being attacked by two giant lizards or costing his team a victory by missing the second half of the game.

Thanks to Old Spice he smells and feels fantastic.

Old Spice’s newest NFL Campaign has made it clear that their scent is truly unrivaled and can turn any poor situation into a great one.

Sports Studio was glad to supply NFL uniforms to Old Spice for their newest campaign. We also supplied cleats, helmets and additional football equipment for the locker rooms.

If you are looking for any sports related wardrobe, props or product placement for your next production, please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you.