Old Spice with Greg Jennings

If we told you that an actor pops out from inside a dog suit and a tree pulls off its top to reveal another actor and those guys are having a conversation with the Packers’ Greg Jennings on a soundstage set to look like Lambeau Field, would you be surprised if we told you it was an Old Spice Commercial?

Didn’t think so.

In the cornucopia of crazy that are Old Spice ads, nothing really surprises us anymore.

“Not even the breaking down of the fourth wall to reveal a commercial set within the actual commercial, providing an added layer of meta-insanity?” You ask.

Not even that.

For this spot, here are a few things Sports Studio did not provide: the dog costume, the fake tree, the actors inside of the tree and dog, the fake Lambeau backdrop, the turf, the commercial set within the commercial, or Greg Jennings.

What we did provide for this new series of commercials (some of which have yet to be aired) was one Officially Licensed NFL on-field authentic Green Bay Packers Greg Jennings uniform from head to toe. And unlike almost everything else in that commercial, it was the real thing.