On Set Services

On Set Sport-Tech

Part of the Team

As an extension of our wardrobe services, our On Set Sport-Technicians can accompany production to set. Our Sport-Techs are seasoned sports wardrobe experts, there to outfit athletes and to ensure no small detail is overlooked. 

Beyond our knowledge of the game, we’re well versed in the sports entertainment industry. Having been on more than 100 sets, including highly demanding jobs for the NFL and MLB, we understand the nuances of sponsorship.  Likewise, we know the value of flexibility and readiness on set.

On-Set Sport Techs can help with the following: 

– Bag and Tag uniforms per player, keeping everything organized as it goes to and from set 

– Outfit athletes correctly from head to toe, reducing production delays

– Solve any unexpected wardrobe issues

– Ensure licensed brands are appropriately represented on camera 

– Reduce expensive loss and damage charges  

Our On Set Sport-Technicians work with the wardrobe department to handle technicalities such as tightening chin straps, taping wrists and ankles, staining jerseys, and assisting with position assignment and sizing. They’re also present to manage all of the subtleties of each sport, such as making sure that linemen aren’t wearing receiver gloves, that a quarterback is wearing a quarterback facemask, or that tight ends are only in jerseys from #40-49 or #80-89.

We highly recommend our On Set Sport-Techs for league-licensed projects. As a trusted buffer for the leagues and licensed brands, we guarantee to make sure everything looks and fits with gameday authenticity.  

For more information about our On Set Sport-Tech services, reach us at (310) 559-3999 or email onset@SportsStudio.net