“One More” – Gatorade Commercial

Life can be draining.

Free throws. Draining.

Tests. Draining.

Class. Draining.

Girlfriends. Draining.

Traffic. Draining.

Airport security. Draining.

Being sick. Draining.

Reading this blog. Draining.

For the last 48 years Gatorade has helped rehydrate athletes from around the globe.

Gatorades most recent campaign “One More,” illustrates how hard it is to have the energy to win without the hydration of gatorade.

Sports Studio worked on this commercial, providing the jerseys for the baseball, soccer, and indoor basketball scenes. One of our experts was on set during filming, ensuring the authenticity for the sports scenes.

We have sport-tek experts for all major sports and levels of competition, helping make scenes look as realistic as possible. If you are interested in a sport-tek or want to learn more about them please click here.