Our 5 Favorite Moments in Scripted Sports Content | 2015 Summer Edition

Since we’re almost at the end of summer, we thought it’d be nice to recap how fantastic of a year this has been for scripted sports content. With this blog post, we would like to present our 5 favorite moments in scripted sports content that we worked on so far in 2015.

Number 5: “Here’s To The Takers,” from Adidas and Imperial Woodpecker. The high-octane movement and intensity in each scene keep our eyes and hearts racing, and the sports wardrobe we provided keeps them looking good.


Number 4: Key & Peele’s Super Bowl Special. We had such a great experience working with those two on set and providing the NFL uniform rentals that we decided to key this into the fourth spot.

Rent NFL Football Uniforms

Number 3: Episode 12 – “Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon” – of ABC’s new hit series, “Fresh Off The Boat.” Since it’s the first mainstream comedy touching on growing up in an Asian-American household, we thought this episode was not only hilarious, but also culturally significant. And let’s be real, we’ve all worn a basketball uniform like these shown below at least once in our lives.

Custom Basketball Uniforms in Hollywood

Number 2:Worldwide,” the video debut of Apple Music. Apple Music is probably going to change how the music industry functions as a whole. Although it’s too soon to tell what type of reach it’ll have, we’re glad to have been able to provide the boxing rentals seen below on such a momentous commercial.

Sports Studio provided the boxing gloves rental, boxing shorts rental, and boxing boots rental seen in the Apple commercial "Worldwide."

Number 1: The FIFA 16 cover, featuring Alex Morgan. This is everything to us. Alex is America’s sweetheart right now, having been a part of US Women’s National Team that won the FIFA Women’s World Cup. We have a strong and proud relationship with the USSF. And last but not least, we love FIFA. So, it excites us greatly that there has been an inclusion of women’s teams for 2016. And we are more than honored to be the providers of the USWNT uniforms for this special moment in history.

Sports Studio provided the USWNT Soccer Kit Rental for Alex Morgan on the FIFA 16 EA Sports Photoshoot

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