Sports Studio Services

Our Soccer Wardrobe

Where is the best place to get soccer wardrobe?

New Jersey. Just kidding. See what we did there? 

But seriously, as the official sports wardrobe distributor of the MLS and USSF for productions, we know authentic soccer fútbol wardrobe.

Beyond our licensed apparel, we also offer generic soccer uniforms and equipment for every size and age group. We’ve got cleats, shin-guards, shorts, even referee uniforms galore.

If you can’t find exactly what you need in our sportsrobe inventory, we can always create custom garments from scratch. And with our in-house graphics team, we can design them from scratch too.

If you need soccer wardrobe for your next film, tv show, or commercial, feel free to drop us a line at (310) 559-3999. Likewise you can always shoot us an email at

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