“Passengers” — Subaru Commercial

Family. Safety. Peace of Mind.

These are the main focal points of this Subaru Legacy commercial produced by O Positive Films. As the 2015 Subaru Legacy wins the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s top prize — Top Safety Pick Plus — for the third year in a row, the commercial fittingly denotes the everyday advantages of having a car as safe as the Legacy for your family.

Our favorite part of the commercial is one where the tone shifts from an empathetic tone to a subtly humorous one. You know, the part of the commercial with the son in his youth soccer uniform. You know, the only part of the commercial that has any sports uniform—that one part where Sports Studio provided wardrobe.

We were happy to supply O Positive Films with the yellow soccer uniform they needed to add a relatable element to this bright, sentimental spot.

Beyond being the largest inventory of high quality sports gear and wardrobe in the entertainment industry, we also offer product integration services through our Brand Inventory project, where we connect your production with over 50 sports and lifestyle brands. We also boast the largest national casting database for athletes. To put the icing on the cake, we even offer sports choreography services to give your production an authentic sports feel.

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