People Skills | NFL | Xbox

Marshawn Lynch thinks Russell Wilson, Von Miller, and Antonio Brown need to work on their people skills and be more like Ndamukong Suh…well according to Xbox’s latest NFL ad. Watch the recent commercial here:

The new Xbox One S is now available for purchase and it is a whole lot faster. This console even supports 4K video and can be purchased as a bundle with the new Madden NFL 17. That is where these athletes come into play.

With Xbox Live, it becomes easier to connect with the NFL gaming community while playing Madden. Like the commercial shows, you never know who could be on the other side of the headset.

We worked with production company AfterAll to provide Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks uniform, Miller’s Denver Broncos uniform, Brown’s Pittsburgh Steelers uniform, and Suh’s Miami Dolphins uniform for this Xbox spot. This also includes each player’s shoulder pads, thigh pads, knee pads, socks, and personal cleats.

Sports Studio provided all of the NFL uniforms in this XBox spot
We provided Russell Wilson with his Seahawks uniform in this commercial

Sports Studio provided Von Miller's Broncos uniform in this xbox commercial
We provided Antonio Brown's Steelers uniform

We provided Ndamukong Suh with his miami dolphins uniform for this commercial

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