Pep Talk | State Farm

Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors of the Green Bay Packers team locker room? They get pumped up of course.

See for yourself in State Farm’s “Pep Talk” ad.

State Farm is encouraging viewers to be like Aaron Rodgers and combine their home and auto insurance to save money. You also never know what could happen where you need to use both your home and auto insurance at the same time.

This spot was created by DDB, Chicago USA and produced by Hungry Man Productions. We worked with Hungry Man to provide all of the NFL pro football pants, helmets, compression shirts, football socks, shoulder pads, thigh pads, knee pads, and mouthguards.

Here is one more spot State Farm did featuring both Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers.

Sports Studio worked with Hungry Man to provide all of the football gear

Sport Studio provided the Green Bay Packers uniforms.

We provided Matthews and Rodgers wardrobe for this commercial

Sports Studio provided Clay Matthews and Aaron Rogers's wardrobe for this spot

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