Ping- Hunter Mahan and Bubba Watson

Most of the time, our clients call for the standard run of the mill sports, you know, like football, basketball, soccer, track, tennis, fencing, wrestling, baseball, cheerleading, auto-racing, swimming, karate, hockey, boxing, dancing, cycling, mascoteering and band.

Other times we get those crazy rental requests for stadium bleachers, arena t-shirt launching guns, the helmet from Easy Rider, jet skis and the Tampa Bay Buccaneer truck/boat from the Bud Light commercial.

And while we can’t accommodate all requests, we will certainly try, like we did with the PING commercial.

What we originally thought was a rather unique request was turned into a reality by our talented pattern-makers and seamstresses. And if you don’t know who Bubba Watson is, you might mistake him for Hunter Mahan’s caddy because our caddy vest looks so realistic.

So thanks to PING, we can go ahead and add custom caddy vests to our arsenal.