Play Cool | Gatorade Frost

6 seconds left on the clock.

Your team is down by 1 point.

You go in for a layup, but get fouled.

The whole crowd goes silent.

You step up to the free throw line. All the pressure is on you.


If you have ever played sports, you’ve probably experienced feeling pressure from your team, your coach, or even yourself. But the strong players are the ones who impress the crowd by playing through the pressure and not letting it affect their game. They will knock down both of those free throws and win the game for their team.

In 1986, George Gervin, nicknamed Iceman, retired from the NBA after totaling 26,595 points throughout his career in the NBA and ABA. Gervin received this moniker for his calm and cool demeanor on the court.

Gatorade paid tribute to Iceman by placing him in their “Play Cool” ad featuring Miami Heat star, Dwyane Wade. Wade is also known for his cool composure under pressure. This commercial came out just in time as the Heat just beat the Hornets 2-0 in the first round of playoffs.

We worked with TBWA\Chiat Day Los Angeles to provide the custom Dwyane Wade uniform and the rest of the Miami Heat home uniforms.

We worked on this Gatorade Frost spot

We provided the Miami Heat uniforms for this commercial

We provided all of the Miami Heat uniforms for this Gatorade spot

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