Pledge | KFC

In an announcement on April 4th, KFC presented its Re-Colonelization initiative, investing $185 million into a “refreshed focus on its menu and upgrading all KFC US kitchens and remodeling 3,000 assets.”

While most of the rebranding efforts are directed towards renovating the KFC image and menu, a chunk of it is directed towards the marketing and media, including one of their latest commercials, “Pledge.”

“Pledge” speaks to this refocusing on KFC’s and Colonel Harland Sanders’s core values, guaranteeing that their fried chicken will be kept at the highest standards. Sports Studio worked with Biscuit Filmworks to provide all of the baseball uniforms, catcher’s gear, and umpire uniform seen at the 0:32 mark.

Sportsrobe provided the baseball uniforms, umpire uniform, and catcher's gear for this KFC spot

We provided the baseball uniforms, catcher's gear, and umpire uniform for this KFC commercial

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